The Best of Times

Last night I had a bottle of wine with dinner which made me think that for wine, we live in the best of times. Now it wasn’t a “Great Bottle of Wine”. It was a good bottle of wine; a good bottle of wine that cost $15 at the wine store up the street from my apartment. We had it with food, a steak and salad. It went well it and would have with many other meaty dinners. It covered all the bases so to speak. It was well balanced with enough acidity to go with food and keep it interesting. It had several layers of flavor. The longer we had it open the more flavors it had. Though it was a 2003 vintage it still had plenty of tannins and could have lasted several more years. And it cost $15.

What is remarkable about it is that it isn’t all that remarkable. With a little bit of knowledge, the chances are that most people could walk into their nearest wine store and get an equally good wine in the same price range. If you read older books and articles on wine, a good portion of the information is on how to avoid bad wines, fake wines, and overpriced wines. I am not saying that there aren’t bad wines, fake wines, or overpriced wines out there. What I am saying is that there are more good wines at reasonable prices available than ever before.

Not only that, there is a wider variety of good reasonably priced wines available. My local wine store, not at all a fancy one, has wines from every continent except Antarctica. It has a variety of styles that most people didn’t know existed even ten years ago.

So this is a great time to be a wine drinker and a wine populist. Cheers.

OK I know some people won’t be happy if I don’t tell them what the wine was (though that’s not the point). So here it is:

Glorioso Reserva Rioja 2003 from Bodegas Placio.

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One Response to The Best of Times

  1. The Whiner says:

    What surprised me about this wine is that it’s a Rioja and I like it. I used to bartend at a place that served a truly retched Rioja and it put me off them for years. Point is you have to be open minded.