Wine For The Fortnight – Alfred Basely Champagne But NV

Lately there have been more and more different Champagnes showing up in the market.  This is a good thing.  Recently I had one I had not tasted before, Alfred Basely Champagne But NV.  I liked it a lot and at under $30 a bottle it is quite reasonably priced.  Alfred Basely is a smaller producer based near Epernay.  I couldn’t find out if the house grows all of their own grapes or buys some.  Information on the blend was not available but I suspect it is weighted on the Pinot Noir side.  The wine has a bit bigger body than that of most of the wines from the big houses with some fruit, lots of minerals and a bit of a citrus zip at the end.  It struck me as being a particularly food friendly Champagne.

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