New York Surprise

As mentioned in my post on wine ratings I attended a tasting of wines from New York State a bit over a week ago.  New York has long made quality wines in the Finger Lakes region and on the east end of Long Island.  Once again there were some very nice wines from that area though many were not such good values when you looked at the suggested retail prices.

What surprised me was the high quality and relatively low prices of wines from the Hudson Valley.  I have known of the wines from this area for years but never tried them as I always thought that the climate was not hospitable to making good wine.  Well I was wrong.  Also a surprise was that one of the wines I liked best at the tasting was made from Seyval Blanc, a grape variety much maligned by wine snobs.  It was a wine with character and balance, two things for which wines from this grape have been attacked for lacking.

It is always good to test your prejudices and in this case I got a happy surprise.

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