Rosé Isn’t Just for Summer

Last night a friend brought over a nice bottle of rosé from Mattebelle Vineyards on the NorthFork of Long Island.  We had it with a Provençal inspired shellfish stew I made.   It went very well and oh by the way, it was snowing out.

Why do I mention that?  Because for many, even most people, rosé is a summer wine.  To my thinking people who restrict their enjoyment of rosé to a few months out of the year are shortchanging themselves and rose.  Rosé is a versatile wine, handling traditional white wine foods like poultry and seafood but also going well with spicy Asian dishes.  It works very well with many vegetarian dishes and even with asparagus which can be hard on wine.  It can be a nice aperitif too.

So the next time you can’t think of what to drink with a dish, consider a rosé.  Enjoy.

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