Wine For the Fortnight – Jidvei, Tarnave Region, Sauvignon Blan,c 2011

Friends can be a great source for new wines.  On Sunday I tasted two brought over by our friends Alex and Dania to have with dinner.  The first was a very nice inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc from Rumania, Jidvei, Tarnave Region, Sauvignon Blan,c 2011.  I find Sauvignon Blanc’s to be reliably good inexpensive white wines.  Their crisp citrus flavors and acidic balance make them good summer wines.  There aren’t many bad ones out there.  This one when a bit further.  It had a bit more body than most wines in its price range (under US $10).  It also had a fairly long mineral after taste that I find appealing.

My experience with wines from Rumania is not very large and frankly has been a mixed bag.  This one is on my list and look forward to trying other wines from the producer.

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