Why “The Wine Populist”?

There are thousands of blogs about wine out there already; so why one more? Well, “The Wine Populist” has an approach that I haven’t found in any blogs or other sites devoted to wine. For some, wine is about class – income level – being one of the cognoscenti; in other words elitism. Here wine is about enjoyment. That brings me to my golden rule for wine: If you enjoy it; it’s a good wine.

So here is what I am planning: The blog will have three kinds of posts. The first will be my ongoing thoughts and comments on wine. The second will step through the basics of wine and will, with a great deal of imagination, be titled, “Wine Basics”. For the third, I will be inviting others whose knowledge of wine I respect to write guest posts. Your comments are always welcome (I hope I set this thing up to take comments).

A final note, all pictures used here, unless otherwise noted, are the work of the lovely and talented Jan Murtha who retains their copyright. Please don’t use them without her permission.

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5 Responses to Why “The Wine Populist”?

  1. Hello Nevin and Jan! I hope you ll have a lot of pleasure with this blog….I can’t wait to read your articles.

    Congratulations and “A votre sante!”

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