The Days of Wines That Are Rosés

Traditionally people think of rosés as summer wines.  I enjoy them year round but have to admit they have a special affinity for summer and summer foods.  What prompted this post is an observation that the range of rosés available has greatly expanded in the last few years.  It was not long ago that the usual selection would include white zinfandel and a couple of Grenache based wines from Provence.

The last time I was in my local wine store I noticed rosés from not only the US and France, but from Italy, Spain, and South Africa.  I wasn’t even looking for rosés.  The grape varieties used have greatly increased also.  There are some nice ones based on Pinot Noir from California, Alsace and the Loire, in France, and even from Germany.  Cabernet Franc, which is becoming one of my favorite grapes is used to make excellent rosés as is Italy’s Sangiovese.

A few Years ago I wondered why rosés were not taken more seriously in the wine world.  Well it looks like that is changing.  Enjoy.

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