What Makes for Good Summer Wine

Here in the northern hemisphere it is officially summer. It sure feels like it too. In these days of central heating and air conditioning you can comfortably drink just about any wine any time of year. Some wines better suit some seasons though. 

So what makes for a good summer wine. Well first it has to be a good wine. No amount of beach vacation or pretty views is going to make a bad wine good. They may have you paying less attention to how bad they are. Getting past that here are some of the qualities I look for. I like summer wines to be lower in alcohol. Alcohol promotes a warming sensation. In white wines I prefer crisper wines to big oaky ones. In red wines I like them to be more on the acidic side. I don’t mind some tannins but a prefer a red that doesn’t leave me thirsty. 

Rosés are great for summer drinking.  


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