Wine For The Fortnight – DeMorgenzon DMZ Cabernet Rosé, 2014

This fortnight’s wine is a rosé that takes something of a different path. DMZ is made by the DeMorgenzon winery in the Western Cape area of South Africa. Although labeled as being a “Cabernet Rosé”, a little digging on the web revealed that it is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon (no Cabernet Franc). This in itself is a bit unusual. Cabernet Sauvignon is not that popular of a grape for making rosé. Based on appearance and flavor I think this wine has had longer skin contact than most rosés. As a result, the wine is bigger and bolder than most rosés but retains the thirst quenching character that makes rosés so appealing in the summer. This one can handle bold and spicy dishes like barbecue that are popular now. Retailing at between $10 -$15 it is a good value too. Enjoy. 

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