Better Know A Varietal – Cabernet Franc

Cabernet is a red wine grape that probably originated in Bordeaux. It differs from its better known “big brother” Cabernet Sauvignon in that it is less tannic and more aromatic. When you smell a Cabernet Franc wine you frequently smell things like violets, raspberries and even liquorice. You can taste those things too and also flavors like black currents and black berries. Some Cabernet Franc wines have a nice peppery aspect too. When less than fully ripe grapes are used flavors such as green peppers and even grass can be present. Some people like those flavors while others consider them flaws. I tend to think of them as flaws unless they are very subtle.

In Bordeaux Cabernet Franc is almost always blended and is considered to give some finesse to wines that are dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon. In the Loire Valley of France it is usually vinified alone to make wines such as Chinon, Bourgeil, and Samur Champigny. Some very nice varietal Cabernet Franc’s are also made on Long Island in New York, and increasingly other regions are experimenting with it.


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