Snaky Comment of the Day and Some Thoughts On Wine-speak

I went this morning to see the Picasso sculpture exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art here in New York. The description of the materials used in one piece irked me. It was made mostly of sheet steel. which they described as “Ferrous Metal”. Now ferrous just means from iron. So in ordinary language ferrous metal is either iron or steel. I have never encountered iron sheet metal, so it was steel. So why not call it steel? Steel would be more precise but apparently ferrous metal sounded better.

So what does this have to do with wine. Well I see things like this all the time in wine-speak. There can be a perfectly good and accurate regular word and people will use some word that sounds fancier. Just like any other field there are terms that are specific to wine and the difficulty of describing how it tastes and smells can lend themselves to linguistic exaggeration. But when the words used obscure what you are trying to say you are just being pretentious. End of rant. Time for wine.

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