Wine pairing – Sautéed Duck Breast with Tokaji

It has been a while since I posted a wine pairing but I thought this one was worth writing about. I recently found a long Island Duckling on sale at my local supermarket. I separated the duck into parts, keeping the legs and thighs for making confit and the back for making into stock. The breasts I sautéed. I love Pinot Noir with duck but for this dinner I reached for something different, a 2007 Tokaji from Château Dereszla. Tokaji is a white wine from Hungary. It is typically a blend with the native Furmint grape being the major one. Historically Tokaji has been considered one of the worlds great wines after slipping somewhat during the period of Soviet domination of Hungary, the wine has done much to regain its former glory. It also is most frequently a sweet or semi-sweet wine. There are dry ones out there and they are nice interesting wines, but the best are sweet or semi-sweet.

Sweet and semi-sweet wines don’t get served much with main courses anymore which is a shame. If they have enough acidity to not be cloying they can be great matches for fatty foods with robust flavors like duck, goose and some pork dishes. This one highlighted the sweet flavor of the duck while the acidity cut through the fat. Yum.

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