Upending Assumptions

It is easy to let your preconceptions go unquestioned but if you do in the wine world you can mis some very good wines. This was recently demonstrated to me when I tasted some wines from Paso Robles, an area on California’s Central Coast. I was immediately prepared for big fruit forward wines and wouldn’t have been surprised if they lacked in acidic structure. Boy was I wrong.

The wines were from the Tablas Creek winery and they do things very differently there, growing mostly Rhone Valley varieties. They don’t just restrict themselves to Grenache Syrah and Mourvedre for reds and Roussanne and Marsannne for whites. They also grow grapes like Tanant and Picpoul. I didn’t know anybody outside of France was growing Picpoul.

So how where the wines. Well not a fruit bomb among them. They were all well balanced with plenty of acidity and structure. All were good and most were delicious. It was a very pleasant way to have my assumptions upended.

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