A Wine With Dinner

Recently a reader suggested I write about how I pick a wine from a wine list.  That is a big topic.  I thought I would start with how I picked the wine I had with dinner this past Friday.

There were four of us.  We all like wine.  The dinner was at a seafood restaurant.  That makes it easier and harder at the same time.  While some reds can work well with some seafood, we were fairly clearly in white territory as the restaurant had a wide range of flavors from more delicate wine and citrus sauces to things with curry.  Not only, that but I made the choice without knowing what people would be eating, though we had decided on all starting with oysters.

The wine I chose was Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis, 2009.  Arneis is a lesser known variety from Piedmont in Italy.

So why did I choose it?  Well I like Arneis and I have never had a bad one.  It takes a fairly medium road in the world of white wines.  It has decent acid but also some fruit and mineral flavors.  It is big enough to hold up to strong flavors but will not overwhelm more delicate ones.  I hadn’t had this wine before, Bruno Giacosa is one of the most respected houses in Piedmont.  At two years old I did not have to worry about it being too old.  There was also a sentimental angle.  I love Piedmont.  Finally the price was reasonable, under sixty dollars for the bottle.

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