Wine Basics – Why Learn About Wine?

Remembering the Golden Rule (If you enjoy it; it’s a good wine.) you could reasonably ask; “Why learn about wine?”    Well the simple answer is that the more you know about wine, the easier it is to find wines you like and avoid ones you don’t.  For instance, if you like Chardonnay and you know that it is the grape used in White Burgundy you are more likely to try these wonderful wines.  If you like California Zinfandel and you know that the grape is closely related to the Italian Primitivo you could try them and likely would enjoy them.  Conversely if you don’t like Suave and know that Verdicchio has a similar taste you would probably avoid it.

There is more though.  Knowledge can help you enjoy wine more too.  You may know that red wines are typically best served at around room temperature.  But, if you served all your reds that way you would miss the pleasure of a chilled Beaujolais.

There are more intangible ways it can help.  I like history, geography and travel.  Drinking a wine that is from a place I have visited can bring back good memories.  Knowing that the Piedmont region of Italy was once part of Savoy can help me understand why the culture there (including the wines) shares much with parts of France.  Whatever your interests are, there is a good chance that there is a tie-in with wine.

In the next post I will get started on some basics.  You may all, some or none of what I write about.  Take what is useful to you and leave the rest.


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4 Responses to Wine Basics – Why Learn About Wine?

  1. Dear Nevin, congratulations for your new challlenge! I like the way you’re going to talk about wine, without any sort of rhetorical approach: bravo!
    When you’ll decide to introduce Barbera, I’ll be pleased to send you some articles!

    In May I’m going to open a new Blog too: the starting-point will be my novel’s subject -the “dirty corner” of restaurant’s life- and invite whoever -but with special regard, cooks, Chefs, waiters, bartenders, dish-washers- to share and narrate their own experiences, anecdotes, memories about the hidden life of that terrible/terrific job & “philosophy of Life” which a kitchen can be: a hint of Anthony Bourdain in Italian sauce!
    The recipe’s section will probably be satirically devoted to politics, trying to create a”tailor made” preparation for some Italian leaders…


    • admin says:

      Thanks Paolo. If you would ever like to write a guest post, I would be thrilled. Good luck with your blog. BTW have you read “Kitchen Confidential”?

  2. will gaston says:

    Congrats on taking this on! i like your comment….’if you like it…it’s good wine’. This helps keep life simple. I reflect on the boone’s farm apple wine i liked during college and the cella lambrusco i liked during the early married times. who knew then…that wine could actually be delicious? haha