Wine for the Fortnight

A while back, a reader suggested I start recommending a “wine of the week”.  I liked the idea but had a problem.  Unlike wine professionals, I don’t taste a dozen or more wines at a time.  Most of the wines I taste are wines I have bought to drink.  I do go to the occasional tasting but with the exception of the big Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri tasting, I rarely find myself trying multiple wines at a time.  In short, I just don’t taste enough wines to recommend something unique every week.  Well I didn’t want to let a good idea go.  I considered doing a wine of the month but that made me think of the various wine clubs, many of which are poor values.  My compromise is “Wine for a Fortnight”.

I don’t know if I will recommend wines every two weeks.  I may be inspired and do so more often.  More likely I will fall behind.  But I do hope to keep a somewhat steady stream of recommendations.  That said, here is the idea.  I will talk about wines I like that are fairly readily available and which I think are good values.  I don’t intend to put price limits, but like most people I do live on a budget.

So without further comment here is the first of what I hope will be a series of recommendations:  Wolffer Estate Chardonnay, 2007.  Wolffer Estate is a winery on the south fork or Long Island in New York.  In general I have not been that impressed with wines from Long Island.  Many are mediocre and the ones that are good have been pretty expensive.  They just have not been good values.  That is too bad as I would like to support local wine makers (I live in New York).

Well Wolffer Estate has come to my rescue.  I have tasted a variety of their wines and while they have not all thrilled me, some have and they have all been good values.

The wine they label as “Wolffer Estate Chardonnay” is one of the two of their Chardonnays I have tasted and is the less expensive of the two.  It retails for between $13 and $18 a bottle.  Most of the less expensive chardonnays around are either thin and insipid or over oaked fruit bombs.  Wolffer’s has a decent amount of fruit but is not overly fruity.  I don’t think it ever was in oak which is just fine with me.  There is a decent acidity and some mineral after taste.  It reminds me of the wines for Frances Macon and Chalonais districts. To me they are what a nice chardonnay should be.  You can have a glass on its own or enjoy it with food.  I have had it with a range of foods including fish soufflés, and salads. It has held its own without being overwhelming.  However I have had it, it has always made the occasion more enjoyable.  I hope you will enjoy it too.

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  1. Ciprian says:

    Wolffer Estates is one of the best producers out in Long Island. I never tried their whites, just the reds. They make good rose, as well.
    And I think you can do a Wine of the Week without a problem.